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The SkyTools 3 Interactive Atlas

The SkyTools Interactive Atlas is like a fine atlas on your computer.  This tool by itself encompasses the functionality of most competing software. 

The Context Viewer is a window attached to the atlas that simulates the field of view of a telescope for a selected eyepiece or camera.  The field of view (FOV) is drawn on the atlas as a circle for eyepieces and as a rectangle for cameras.  As you drag the FOV on the atlas the context viewer displays a simulation at the current location.  If the telescope is connected to the computer, the FOV and context viewer will simulate where the telescope is currently pointed; drag the FOV on the atlas and the telescope will follow!

  • Plan your observations with the best tools available -- the SkyTools Nightly Planner is powerful and efficient.  Learn more...

  • The SkyTools databases are second to none -- the best data is drawn from multiple catalogs and sources, and is highly corrected. 

  • Make the most of imaging with the image session planning tools -- these tools display the imaging quality as a function of time graphically, suggest optimum sub-exposure times for image stacking, estimate the final signal-to-noise ratio, compute the number of stacked images required to obtain the desired signal-to-noise, and more.  Learn more...