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SkyTools 3 Starter Edition  ($39.95Buy Now

For the novice backyard observer with binoculars or a telescope up to 4.5 inches (120 mm) in aperture. This edition is simple enough for anyone to use and comes with a beginners observing handbook (pdf). (More Info)

SkyTools 3 Standard Edition  ($99.95Buy Now

For the basic visual observer with a moderate sized telescope up to ~14 inches (360 mm). (More Info)

SkyTools 3 Standard Edition + Real Time Add-on Bundle  ($124.90Buy Now

Includes the Real Time tool, which is designed for use at the telescope and adds telescope control.  Real Time can also be separately purchased as an add-on after purchasing the Standard Edition.  (More Info)

SkyTools 3 Professional Edition  ($179.95Buy Now

For the astronomical imager, the experienced visual observer who observes from dark a site, or any serious observer who wants the very best in observing software. This edition has advanced features and a much larger stellar database with stars down to 20th magnitude. The Real Time Add-on is included. (More Info)


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