SkyTools Elevated: Seamless N.I.N.A Integration and Smart Imaging Projects

Mastering the Night with N.I.N.A. Integration

Capture celestial wonders more efficiently with SkyTools 4.1's seamless N.I.N.A. integration. SkyTools takes the helm in planning, offering a quick and straightforward process that yields highly efficient imaging schedules, which are then effortlessly integrated into N.I.N.A.’s Advanced Sequencer.  

Smart Project Builder

SkyTools 4.1 elevates your astrophotography with its Smart Project Builder. This feature acts as your personal guide, helping you to strategize effectively. By providing these tailored suggestions, the Smart Project Builder empowers you to make informed decisions about your imaging projects. It's not just about capturing the night sky; it's about crafting your next masterpiece with informed choices, ensuring that every session contributes to higher quality results.

The Smart Project Builder offers clear insights into how different imaging strategies, like LRGB or the Hubble Palette, will work with your imaging system and target object. It tells you what the quality of your final image will be, or alternatively, how much exposure time it will take to reach the quality you desire. This can save many hours of wasted exposure time.

With SkyTools 4.1, you're not just planning; you're setting the stage for artistic excellence. 

Exposure Tables: Maximize Image Quality

A advanced tool that offers insightful and unique exposure recommendations for your equipment and targets, ensuring top-notch images. 

Weekly Planner: Optimize Your Observing Time

The Weekly Planner provides a concise weekly overview of the best imaging times, for your target, helping you plan your sessions.

How to Upgrade to Version 4.1: open SkyTools and select Upgrade Your Product from the Setup menu. Most people will already have this open. Click the Upgrade button. You will be taken to an order page. After ordering, you will recieve an email with up upgrade code. Enter the upgrade code at the bottom of the page.