Installing ASCOM Telescope Drivers

ASCOM is a third party platform that provides an interface to various telescopes and other devices.  SkyTools Real Time Telescope Contol requires ASCOM to interface with all but the Argo Navis and Sky Commander devices.

To use ASCOM, 

  1. Download and install the latest ASCOM platform. If you already have and older version of ASCOM installed on your device, uninstall it before installing the latest. 

  2. Next download and install the ASCOM device drivers that you require. Direct link to ASCOM telescope divers.

ASCOM supports Tangent-based DSCs such as the Celestron Advanced Astromaster, David Chandler Co. Deep Space Navigator, Discovery Digital Setting Circles, Grecner Navigator, JMI NGCMAX, Lumicon Sky Vector, Mountain Instruments Star Pilot, Orion Sky Wizard 3, and TeleVue Sky Tour, as well as BBox, Ouranos, MicroGuider III and V, and other similar units. 

ASCOM Support

ASCOM 5 or greater is required for SkyTools, as well as the latest driver for your mount. If you receive an error when you connect to ASCOM, or to your telescope, the issue is most likely related to your ASCOM installation. Pay special attention to driver requirements with respect to the firmware version you are using. It is also important to properly set all of the correct driver properties via the ASCOM telescope chooser. If you still receive an error, try connecting via the ASCOM POTH hub.

ASCOM main page