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I imaged these clusters with iTelescope T21 on the night of April 26th with a waning gibbous moon in the sky. M53 is on the right and NGC 5053 is on the left. I created a two-image mosaic, each of which combines two five-minute exposures in the Red filter, and three three-minute exposures in the Blue. I used SkyTools 3 to plan the observation. In addition to calculating the best times to expose, and giving me confidence that the observation could be done in moonlight, SkyTools helped me determine that I should expose deeper in the Red filter under these conditions to get a more color-balanced image. The colors in these clusters are naturally somewhat mild. The images were stacked via DeepSkyStacker. All other processing was done in Photoshop. The green channel is a 50-50 combination of the red and blue. In the bottom images north is to the left and east is down. The top image has been rotated arbitrarily. 

SkyTools 3, because the astronomy matters.

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