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SkyTools 3 Editions Compared

SkyTools 3 is available in three editions: the Starter Edition, Standard Edition and the Professional Edition.  

The Starter Edition is for the novice backyard observer with binoculars or a telescope up to 4.5 inches (120 mm) in aperture. This edition is simple enough for anyone to use and comes with a beginners observing handbook (as a pdf download).

The Standard Edition is for the basic visual observer with a telescope larger than 4.5 inches (120 mm).

The Professional Edition is for the astrophotographers, experienced visual observers who observe from dark a site, or any serious observer who wants the very best in observing software.  This edition has a much larger stellar database with stars down to 20th magnitude.

The Real Time tool is for use in the field at the telescope and includes telescope control for a wide variety of mounts via the ASCOM interface. It is included with the Professional edition or can be purchased as an add-on for the Standard edition.

Interested in upgrading from the Starter Edition? Click here.

Edition Starter Standard Pro
Level For the novice backyard visual observer with binoculars or a telescope up to 4.5-inches (120 mm) in aperture For the visual observer with a telescope larger than 4.5-inches (120 mm) For the experienced visual observer who observes from a dark site and anyone who does astro-imaging
Available as Download / Free Trial Download / CD Download / Flash Drive
Stars 4 million stars to magnitude 12.5 16 million stars down to 15th magnitude in some areas 522 million stars as faint as 20th magnitude
Real Time Telescope Control Not available Available as an add-on Included
Visual Nightly Planner Yes Yes Yes
Custom Finder Charts for Binoculars and Telescopes Yes Yes Yes
Nightly Observing List Generator Yes Yes Yes
Naked Eye and Overhead Sky Charts Yes Yes Yes
Auto-download of current data for comets, novae, and supernovae Limited to brighter objects Yes Yes
Interactive Atlas   Yes Yes
Visual Context Viewer (movable eyepiece simulation attached to Atlas)   Yes Yes
Observing Logbook   Yes Yes
Sky Events Planner (eclipses, appulses, Jupiter satellite events, meteor showers, etc)   Yes Yes
Database Power Search   Yes Enhanced version
Ephemeris Generator   Yes Yes
Add notes, images, and web links to objects   Yes Yes
Download and display DSS images on charts   Yes Includes additional image types
Double-star splittability ratings and search functions   Yes Yes
Thumbnail Viewer (displays an array of charts for many objects)   Yes Yes
Imaging Session Planner     Yes
Exposure Calculator / Imaging Laboratory     Yes
Imaging Context Viewer     Yes
GPS Location Tool     Yes
Minor Planet and Comet Search     Yes

Professional Edition Star Database

The screen below of NGC 7142 shows how dramatic the difference is in the Pro Edition star database. Pass your cursor over it.

Pass your cursor over the image to see the Pro Edition advantage.